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About Johann Boteju 


Johann is a Scholarship Artist of the Salmagundi Club, the American Institute of Art, New York, NY.


Johann paints music and colour in space and time. He paints what he feels and hears, what he cannot find the words to say. His work has hung in Zeeuws Maritiem Muzeeum of Vlissingen, Netherlands; History Panorama exhibition at Hudson River Gallery & Conservators; Contemporary Harbor of NY Show, Fraunces Tavern Museum; and the Historic Black & White Exhibition of the Salmagundi Club, New York, NY.


Johann is one of 25 artists who were invited to commemorate the 400th anniversary of the discovery of Manhattan by the Dutch. His painting "The Great Fire of 1835" hung at the History Panorama exhibit in the Salmagundi Gallery, the Vlissingen Muzeeeum, and other locations in New York and in the Netherlands.


Johann is a laser physicist and bioinformaticist who works on cavity absorption soft matter interactions and molecular evolution of lateral gene transfer and intrinsically disordered proteins.


Johann constructed de novo the first Transcriptome of 42 million year old spike-moss Selaginella apoda to investigate evolutionary development of plant morphogenesis. Johann uses topology to explore  differential gene expression and tissue fate.


Johann is fascinated by the role of lateral gene transfer on the evolutionary continuum and Tree of Life.


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